Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kitchen Loves - Cookbooks

Ok so it has been a while since I added anything. That is not because I haven't been cooking but because I wasn't 100% sure that they were worth adding. So I thought I would share some cookbooks that I love and hopefully they will get you inspired to get into the kitchen.

Maggie’s Harvest - Maggie Beer
An Australian cook who I am sure you have all heard of. Maggie’s Harvest is an epic cookbook but well worth it. Every recipe is accompanied by a story of how it came about. It is warm, inviting and looks great thanks to its beautiful stitched cover. I requested it a few Christmases ago and have spent much time pouring over the rich, beautiful meals. There is an amazing stuffing recipe with apple and sage and a pumpkin risotto to die for! While this is an investment book ( rrp $125 ) it is one that I absolutely love and recommend.

Cake Bible - Penguin Books
This pint-sized cookbook is dedicated to cakes and puddings and is one I could not live without. Mum and I both have a copy that are always cluttered with strips of paper stuck into the pages of those cakes we want to make next. Simple steps and good ingredients make for beautiful moist and tasty desserts. The pumpkin cake is AMAZING as is the carrot cake (never in my life have I seen a carrot cake as moist and sticky as this one!!!) There are many books in the ' bible ' collection and they are all fantastic. The cake edition though is as absolute must!

Women’s Weekly
Women’s weekly have been making cookbooks for years. You are bound to find whatever your heart desires in one of their books. Growing up mum always had a cupboard filled with cookbooks and majority of these were by WW. They have entered a new age however from their dowdy high gloss pages into something very slick indeed! I currently have one of their larger editions sitting on my coffee table, as it is a work of art.
One series of theirs includes small square books dedicated to topics such as Cheesecakes, Cookies, Cupcakes (obviously this one had to included due to the current fad) Sweets and more ( these are the four I own ). Beautiful images accompany the incredibly enticing recipes. They retail at $25 each but are fantastic to have.

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