Monday, August 30, 2010

An Almighty Pav!

I know I know I have been super slack on the blog front of late. Please forgive me!

To try make it up to you I am going to share what will undoubtedly be the BEST pavlova you will ever eat. Ever.

It is crunchy, gooey, and totally indulgent.

It is - the chocolate raspberry pav!

My Mum shared this Nigella Lawson ( aka kitchen goddess ) chocolate pavlova recipe with me. I was nervous at first having never made any kind of pavlova in my life let along tackle a chocolate one however I was super pleased that I did as it is relatively easy ( with some basic skills ) and provides high praise from your guests.

I made this for a Sunday lunch and it finished off what was an utterly delicious meal ( many thanks to all of the contributors! )

A couple of things to note with the recipe:

1. Follow it to the T. It will ask for peaks - make sure you get them!
2. Your pav will sink. It is ok though - once you stack on the cream and raspberries you can't tell. It is what it is meant to do!
3. When you serve it with a meal make sure you leave space for a second slice!

So, I implore you to give this a try. It is well worth the 6 egg yolks that you have to try find a recipe for once you have whipped up their white counter parts!


p.s. photo from Nigella's site - I like to think mine looked pretty close but I didn't think to take a photo of it! Sigh

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Humble Sandwich

So we can see spring around the corner. We can't feel it yet but the days are getting longer while the sun does its darndest to be seen into the evenings. Of course this means two things - picnics and picnic food! One picnic food I think is so hard to go past ( for any meal really ) is the simple salad sandwich. The essential elements though are a good bread ( I like a nutty wholemeal ), crisp lettuce, tomato, carrot and my personal favorite - beetroot! Just beautiful.

However, while it is going to start warming up enjoy the benifits of winter while they are still here - hot chocolate, friday nights on the couch with a doona and yummy stews :D.


Monday, August 9, 2010


How beautiful are cows? They are gentle yet strong, handsome but beautiful, elegant but rough. I love them. I love the shape of their heads and their large back sides.

Last year Luke and I went to a beef door - like a cellar door but for meat! We came across it while staying in the Blue Mountains and took a drive to the Megalong Valley. A truly beautiful find. The owners of the beef store - Megalong Meats, raise Angus cattle. We came across these friendly two while winding our way down the drive way of the property.

I love these photos - I can get lost staring into those beautiful faces...


Lovely spot for a cuppa

So another tea related post my friends!

Luke and I woke on Saturday to a most beautiful day. We decided to treat ourselves to scones for breaky ( possibly Luke's favourite breakfast ).

We decided to try somewhere new so set off to explore our backyard. We came accross a very cute cafe on Coronation St, Hornsby - Busy Beez. It is a cute cafe which also happens to sell a somewhat eclectic mix of homewares and other bits and pieces. This cafe is relaxed and cute ( it even sports a courtyard along with bunting! ). It feels like you are enjoying your meal in someones lounge room which is really wonderful for a lazy Saturday.

I took the above picture whilst enjoying my tea :D Note the game of fish going on...


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excuse me miss, would you fancy a cup of tea?

It has been a busy few weeks! Work has kept me run off my feet and the wedding planning is keeping us on our toes.

Luke also had to make a last minute trip to Melbourne so left me for 10 days.

It was amongst this stress that I discovered something my 90 year old Nana as enjoyed for years - tea with honey!

I am such a fan of it - I would go as far as to say it is my favourite way to enjoy a cuppa!

While googling images to use for today's post I cam accross this very cool product made by Honibe - the Honey Drop! A super convenient way to have your tea your way on the go. Brilliant no?