Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cupcake Delight

I will start this story a little bit before the current fad of cupcakes.
A few years ago tea came back into vogue in a huge way. Shops like T2 were sprouting up offering varieties that had not been heard of before. The ritual that is tea making was entering homes all over Australia. Along with this new craze came loves such as High Tea and sure enough that led to cupcakes. Recently a whole market has opened up for the intricate, delicate, sugar filled treats. Shops dedicated to supplying kitchen tools to create these masterpieces are packed full of customers and cafes and bakeries are all stocking the ready-made variety. Having been classed as a girly girl at times it was rather fitting that I quickly and whole heatedly embraced these two new fads. My kitchen is full of cup and saucers, many tea varieties and all the accessories you could possible want to have a perfect afternoon tea. While I do love to cook and bake I equally enjoy going into a shop and staring at the glass display cabinets until I decide which cupcake is for me. So I grabbed the opportunity to buy some of these delectable treats when planning my menu for a lunch with friends.

I had often bought cupcakes from The Cupcake Factory, which is in Drummoyne, for various work functions. So, when Luke and I made the move to the area I was delighted to find that this small shop was a very short drive up the road.
They have a range of categories from classic, decadent to the indulgent and also include a selection of minis*. $18 bought us 4 large and 4 minis. They looked spectacular in my Wheel and Barrow cake display stand and were thoroughly enjoyed by all. While I highly recommended this pint size store to you all there is no doubt that there would be a shop near you to offer a tasty sugar hit.

If you are after a special event cupcake or cake I also recommend Polka Dot Cookies and Cakes. I had my 21st birthday cake made by Elisabeth and her team and it was not only delicious but the most beautiful Jasper inspired tea pot cake I have ever seen! A definite wow factor!

So finally, I invite you all to share any places that you recommended for good cupcakes. I look forward to reading them!

Happy treating!

* On my most recent visit, as Luke and I were entering a farther and his son were leaving. On out way back to the car we saw the little boy sitting on a bench with his dad holding the little cake with both hands, eating it with such care. It was a very cute scene.

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