Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new tea for me!

I have always been a black tea with milk and sugar gal. This started when I was very young and I would go into my grandparents flat (conveniently attached to my parents home) and share a cuppa with my Nana and Grandpa. I knew that by having a cup of tea with them that I would also get a cookie too. To this day I have never had a cup of tea as good as those when I was a kid.

Being a tea drinker has stuck with me ever since and despite a brief love affair with coffee in primary school I have stayed strong to the leaves. I occasionally would enjoy some jasmine tea with Chinese food but other than that, it was milk and one sugar for me.

This was until recently when I was on a Qantas flight to LA. After dinner they hostess came around offering a choice of either hot chocolate or peppermint tea. I am not one to eat dairy on long haul flights (I'm weird like that) so I decided to go out on a limb and try the peppermint tea. Instantly I was in love. It was light and bright and totally enjoyable.

Since then I have often found myself opting for a peppermint tea (or variety of) over a milky brew, particularly if I am having it with a meal. I have even felt a little wild at times and tried something with rose or lavender (something really yummy is rose and honey!)

So if you were like me and had never ventured into the world of herbal teas I suggest you try it. You may find that you hate it but at least you will have given it a go!




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