Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kitchen Loves - Mixmaster

Like many people lately I was hit with the baking bug. While I longed for a Kitchenaid Mixmaster I was blessed with something even better. This Christmas my Nana gave me something very precious. Her original Kenwood Mixmaster. This beast is in amazing condition considering it is over 35 years old! With all original pieces such as dough hook and splash cover it even comes with the original instruction book.
I fired it up tonight for the first time. While the cake was awful (my first ever attempt at a sponge) the Kenwood was amazing. It whirred up like it was brand new and beat the egg/sugar mixture to perfection.
So, anyone in the market for a Mixmaster ( a must really for any good kitchen ) don't think you have to spend big and buy a new one. A good condition second hand one will do just as good a job (even if it isn’t a shiny red sculpture!).

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