Monday, May 11, 2009

A pretty garden

In January I made the move of living with my parents to living with my handsome and clever boyfriend of 2 years, Luke. We found a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment within a 1 minute walk of Five Dock Bay. It was one of many that we applied for and were offered but even though it was the most expensive we knew it had to be ours for as long as the landlord permits.

A big plus for this place was that it was 1 of a small block of four, ground floor and it had a huge patio and a garden. A GARDEN!!!!

So, a couple of weeks ago we had the folks over and worked on our small but beautiful garden.

One thing Luke wanted was a lime tree so we were off to Bunnings and found ourselves 3 funky blue glazed pots.

Hardgraves provided us with a lime a lemon and a orange along with some basil and mint.

3 weeks on and I am able to cook with my basil and mint! There is nothing like growing your own herbs. I water my plants and feed them with Powerfeed and they reward me with beautiful lush foliage. Anyone can grow herbs and I highly recommend you do!

p.s. this photo was taken just after we did the garden. It has all grown bigger since then and looks beautiful!

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