Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Pantry Full

Tonight I made another wonton soup. We only shop every two weeks so the challenge was to make something with the basics left in the cupboard. So wonton soup was the answer and it was also a great chance to use up all the wrappers I had from earlier in the week ( despite the fact that they only cost $1.50 ).

The dish was great so more on that another day. However, it got me thinking that I should share what my cupboard basics are… those basic things I keep on hand for the Sunday when you need to create something from nothing.

Here are my top 10 pantry items that I am never without:

1. French onion soup mix – great for a simple stew or gravy base. I buy a few sachets at a time so there is always some there.
2. Chicken stock
3. Gravox – sometimes I will use this in a stew to thicken it a little
4. If you don’t use a lot of herbs buy mixes such as ‘Italian Herbs’
5. Soy sauce
6. Sweet Chilli Sauce
7. Miso Paste
8. 2 minute Noodles
9. Tomato soup
10. Hoisin Sauce

If there is anything you keep on hand, let me know!

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