Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday - Dinner Out, Cha Plu

Well tonight we were very very slack and had dinner out.
If you walk 10 mins through Russell Lea you come across a quiet Thai place called Cha Plu. This fashionably decorated restaurant offers tasty meals at good prices. We have eaten in twice now and had take away two times also. The meals are all delicious with fresh produce, tender meats and well-presented plates. Tonight we had the Massamun beef and the Thai fried rice. The beef was amazing, full of fragrant pieces of tender pink meat that simply melted in our mouths. Unlike many version of this dish it was not served with soggy potato chucks, rather one roasted whole potato. The fried rice was full of fresh veggies with tones of snow peas, broccoli and other crunchy pieces.
The take away (with free delivery!) comes in brown paper bags with the menu attached. The menu however is a decent piece of design unlike the thousand others that we receive in the post each week.
All in all we give this place a 9/10 and a highly recommended. We will most definitely be back!


  1. Since you are now officially an inner west resident, i will also recommend some other thai places to you! Thai Intra in Glebe is great for a classic Thai meal, Thai Riffic in Newtown is also great with a variety of interesting dishes, and a good place to go with a big group of people, but Thai Potong in Newtown takes the cake! OMG... I am drooling just thinking about many interesting dishes...

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! We eat Thai a little too often so are always glad to have an excuse to go somewhere new. Did you end up making the soup? How did it go?

  3. Not yet! My plans backfired, I have been busy with work (and my new job gives me free staff meals!) but I am going to do it this weekend. will keep you posted :-)